The Best 5 Total Body Enhancement Pros and Cons

Thinking to get total body enhancement? Here are some of the total body enhancement pros and cons.

Total Body Enhancement Pros and Cons

Total Body Enhancement Pros and Cons

The Pros

1.) Reverses the effects of aging

Red light treatment is a well-liked technique that is currently being applied in salons all over the world to treat cosmetic problems like wrinkles, stretch marks, and ugly blemishes as well as indicators of skin aging.

Red light treatment is also used to treat skin diseases like sun damage since it stimulates the creation of collagen, which improves complexion and lessens the impact of certain skin conditions.

2.) Reduces pain

According to a NASA study, 96% of test subjects who received red light therapy for their disease reported less discomfort as a result of their treatments. People who experience chronic diseases like back and neck pain will find this to be very encouraging.

3.) Relieves effects of Carpal Tunnel syndrome

For writers and desk-bound workers, who are particularly susceptible to ailments like Carpal Tunnel syndrome, this is welcome news. It is inevitable that typing away the workday will cause the wrist joints to slowly develop chronic pain. This makes it difficult for people with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome to work out effectively and reduces their efficiency.

4.) Assists in hair growth

This may be good news for you if you notice a lot more hair blocking the shower drain than normal or feel the top of your head balding more and more clearly. An analysis of hair loss patients from 18 to 70 years old revealed that those who received low-level red laser therapy experienced greater increases in hair density and promoted hair growth than those who did not.

5.) Speeds up wound healing

The red light treatment utilized during the Total Body Enhancement procedure stimulates the cells that heal damaged tissue, accelerating the body’s normal wound healing process. Burns, skin grafts, amputations, infections, and other injuries with delayed natural healing processes can all be successfully treated with it to accelerate wound recovery.

6.) Tones your body with consistent use

With Freeport use, customers of the Total Body Enhancement machine have claimed that their weight loss journeys have gone more quickly than they had anticipated. This is because the Total Body Enhancement machine’s ground platforms, which replicate an entire workout, subject their bodies to dozens of vibrations every minute. Nearly all users of the Total Body Enhancement machine have reported having sore muscles the following day, just like you would after a strenuous workout.

The Cons

Source: Planet Fitness

1.) Exclusive to Planet Fitness

Although red light therapy is not a completely new form of treatment, only Planet Fitness members with a premium membership known as the Black card can have the Total Body Enhancement experience. The annual fee for this membership is $249.99.

2.) Issues with sleep

Following use of the Total Body Enhancement machine, some users have complained of having trouble falling asleep. Some people may be absorbing the red light therapy more effectively, which is one explanation. Due to the stimulation provided by the red light in the machine, their bodies needed a while to process and tone down the enhanced cell activity.

3.) Nausea and vertigo

This happens frequently to novice users because their bodies are not adapted to the increased intensity that the Total Body Enhancement subjects them to.

By selecting a lower intensity setting at the machine control panel before beginning the operation, you can fix this.

4.)A dramatic decrease in blood pressure

This may also accompany nausea and dizziness since some users’ blood pressure drops as a result of the intense full-body vibration workout and light therapy they receive throughout the Total Body Enhancement experience.

5.) Mood swings

After using the Total Body Enhancement machine, some users have mentioned experiencing anxiety and mood swings. This is probably because your body is releasing endorphins quickly. Some first-time users of the device might find the subsequent mood shift during the cooldown period to be too polarizing.


Source: Rodolfo Sanches on Unsplash

Those are some of the pros and cons of using total body enhancement that you should know before you want to try it. How are you still interested in trying it?